Irish are the 3rd happiest people in Europe

I’m not going to even try to seriously explain the findings of this study, conducted by the university of Cambridge. Studies like this are a pile of pants. Italian or Dane; warm desserts makes you happy. Jabs in the eye make you unhappy.

Nonetheless, if nothing else but to educate myself further on our European neighbours, I’ve prepared a photo-collage of answers to the question no-one cares about.

Happiness TOP FIVE

1. Denmark

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

 Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a little bit dreamy. I’d let him address my cabinet any day.

2. Finland

The Wolverine, generally only found in Lapland.

The Finnish have almost exclusive access to these cuddly little balls of fun. Wolverines have been known to prey on fully-grown moose, but really they’re the happiest little critters to hit lapland since Rudolf revealed his illicit affair with Mary Magdalene.

3. Ireland

Fig rolls: They’re just lovely.

4. Sweden


Hot swedish blondes make everyone smile.  As does this photo.

 5. Netherlands

Satellite image of the Netherlands (ca. May 2000)

The 1958 Delta project. Completed in 2002, goal of the project was to reduce the risk of flooding in the Zeeland to once per 10,000 years. Delighted with themselves, they are.

Unhappiness TOP FIVE

1. Italy

Gondolas in Venice Rialto Bridge in background

Ah, now, it’s just far too beautiful. No one likes to feel that all they have to offer is unparalelled Roman architecture and breathtaking Tuscan landscape

2. Portugal


For being ever so slightly not as good as she used to be, and for using brackets in her song titles (see image), she has brought shame on the good people of portugal. The bad people of portugal are suprisingly happy.

3. Greece

Statue of King Leonidas of Sparta

The Persian wars. Always people to hold a grudge, the Greeks.

4. Germany

Black Forest gateau

The Black Forest gateau or  Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte scandal.  A misprint in a 2004 cookbook written by Germany’s most popular celebrity chef Harald Wohlfahrt had half the german housewife population accidently substitute mood suppressants for maraschino cherries. Would have never happened with a warm dessert.

5. France

Symbol of France, the Eiffel tower atsunrise

The male French population is mostly at fault here. The Eiffel Tower is too large and throbbing a reminder of the men they’ll never be.


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